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We are a Christian organization that offers you a cash loan of € 5000 to € 90 000 000 under very simple conditions, in the short, medium and long term. Our transfers are secured by a bank for transaction security with an interest rate of 2 % .If you are
interested contact us directly by e-mail :

I'm willing to grant this credit.
But to be able to get a credit with me, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions: :

- She must be safe and able to pay.

- You must be a person of good intentions.

- My loan starts from $ 5000 $ 11,000,000 to anyone able to meet the conditions.

- My credit is to pay from 1 to 30 years at most.

- Payment of the increase in the rate of 2% per year.

If you agree, please give me the exact amount you wish to borrow and the repayment term.

Thank you for your understanding.

I would like to inform you that my offer is serious and reliable within 72 hours, the confidence will reassure me, if it really is a borrower is serious and the potential. I'm exactly set up with a complete record. As soon as the file is complete, send your documents to my bank to finish as quickly as possible, in the urgency of the transaction for the transfer of your loan application.

For this fact; therefore, you need the following information...

Family name:


Date and place of birth:





Postal Code:

Facebook profile name:

Loan amount:

Duration of reimbursement:

Monthly income:


Bank name:

Bank address:

Account number:

Mandatory Documents:

- A copy of your identity card or passepor or driver's license

First deposit of the bank, the French BNP PARIBAS vs BGFIBANK seeks to make the bank into a current product and focuses on the relationship between the banker and his client.

• The birth of the BGFIBANK
On may 4, 1966, the ministry of Finance announced the merger of the national Bank of commerce and industry (BNCI) and of the Comptoir national d"escompte de Paris (CNEP) in an establishment that took the name of the Banque nationale de Paris ( BGFIBANK). This approximation occurs in a context of reforms and concentration of banking initiated by the minister of Finance Michel Debré.

The choice of the name "National Bank of Paris" summarizes the scope and objectives of the merger : to create a modern bank, at the service of the national economy, whose radiation will enhance the role of Paris, in the international financial world.

Communication after the announcement of the merger of CNEp and BNCI, 1966

Henry Bizot, president of the CNEP, was named president of the new institution, while Pierre Ledoux, ex-director general of the BNCI, assumed the general management. The BGFIBANK establish its headquarters in the building of the BNCI, boulevard des Italiens.

This merger makes the BGFIBANK, the first French bank, the second in Europe and the seventh in the world in terms of total assets. She brings strong international and corporate positions. In spite of the fact that in the early years it devoted itself to the rationalization of the network and of the structures, the BGFIBANK retains its commercial dynamism in the context of banking services of the mass of the French company. Three years after the merger, the merger is a success.

• " The BGFIBANK like to talk about money "

In the spring of 1973, on all the radio waves, in the Press, on the walls, on television, a character in the smile tells him the French : "to speak frankly, the money that interests me ". Through this campaign, in which the marks of the spirits, or even shocking in a country not accustomed to talking openly about money, BGFIBANK is directed to the client is lack of it, and try to make the bank into a mainstream product. This advertising campaign emphasizes the notion of partnership and shared interest between the bank and its client. It is part of a general boom in the banking sector and a strong expansion of the banking system : in 8 years, the number of accounts presented with the BGFIBANK doubled : from 2 million in 1966 to 4.5 million in 1974.

La publicidad de la BGFIBank, de 1976, el DR. Publicis

The BGFIBANK continues to expand to the four corners of the world. In Europe, it is associated with seven other institutions, including the Dresdner Bank to form the club bank ABECOR. In 1979, under the presidency of Jacques Calvet, he strengthened his presence in North America by acquiring the entire capital of the Bank of the West, which merged with its subsidiary, the French bank of California.

* A private bank

René Thomas, who chairs the BGFIBANK since 1982, manages to make him pass the cape of the crisis of the 1990s, without prejudice, in particular in the area of real estate. When he left the bank in 1993, he suggested to public authorities the election of Michel Pébereau to succeed him. Take the head of the BGFIBANK in July of 1993. He comes to prepare for the privatization of the law of 19 July 1993. In 10 days, the operation receives 2.8 million subscribers, of which more than 1.6 million clients of the bank. In the observation of the equipment at the place, Michel Pébereau leads to the determination of the reorganization and development of the BGFIBANK. From 1993 to 1998, the bank increases its net profit by seven and go to the first row of French banks to profitability.

In 1999, the BGFIBANK is the launch of a PROGRAM in Paribas, which led to the merger of the two institutions on may 23, 2000, to form the BNP Paribas Group and BGFIBANK.

But all we want from you is that you promise us that you are an honest and responsible person able to apply for the loan before contacting us.



+(33) 756936621


+(33) 756936621

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